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RAPID breakthrough session

If you are ready to explore taking your finances to the next level, and know that you are serious and ready to have your quality of life skyrocket, then I invite you to take part in a complimentary 45-minute Rapid Breakthrough Session. These sessions have proven to be extremely powerful in helping women create their own personal plan towards gaining control of their finances. 

Because of the impact of this session and the limited amount of time I have available, I am very particular about who I invest this time in. Upon booking your session, please fill out the questionnaire so that I can create for you the most powerful Rapid Breakthrough Session possible to get you maximum results.

The Rapid Breakthrough Session is available to you for one-single-investment of  $110.00 (CAD) payable upon your 1st session.



An investment in yourself that pays. 

The Financial Fitness Bootcamp is for individuals who are serious about reaching their financial goals. Like all bootcamps, this program is for individuals who are willing to make some serious changes, and be pushed beyond their comfort zone in order to grow and reach their long-term goals.

The bootcamp program is divided into 6 sessions which can be spread out comfortably over a period of up to 6 months. Over the course of the 6 sessions you will uncover the essentials required to give your finances a major make-over, and get you moving towards the life you've always dreamed of. You will dive deep into your core values, taking a closer look at your money mindset, financial habits, and goals. We will also take a serious look into the obstacles that have been getting in your way, and create a solid game plan to skyrocket you towards reaching financial freedom. 

After completing the Financial Fitness bootcamp you should walk away with more money and more confidence in your financial future than you ever thought possible. 

Imagine working one-on-one with your own personal financial coach whose main goal is to help you change your finances and improve your quality of  life - on your own terms. 

Each of the 6 Sessions in the Financial Fitness Bootcamp Program is designed to help you develop a positive new mindset on money (your beliefs and values), reversing any negative perceptions or attitudes you have towards your personal finances, money, and what it means to be wealthy. 

As your coach I will work with you to uncover the saboteurs that have been getting in your way and which have been preventing you from reaching your goals. Together we will work on reaching a breakthrough, to obtain immediate and positive change in your finances. 

Want to learn more about the program? Here is a brief summary of what you can expect during the Financial Fitness Bootcamp:



Because of the impact of this program and the limited amount of time I have available, I am very particular about who I invest this time in. Therefore only candidates who are ready and willing to dig deep, take action, and make some serious changes will be admitted into the program.

Once you enroll you will be given a questionnaire so that I can assess whether we are a good fit, and if you are ready to take on the Financial Fitness Bootcamp and have your financial wellbeing skyrocket to new heights.  

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As a special Bonus, I am offering  a complimentary ELI-INDEX Assessment valued at $225 to all new accepted enrolments. 

Developed by psychologist Dr.Bruce Schneider, this powerful one of a kind Attitudinal Assessment will uncover your behaviours & tendencies in both normal & stressful circumstances, and will reveal to you your current level of energy based on your attitude & perspective of the world around you, and how it's affecting your financial state. 

This Assessment is a key to unlocking your best financial future as it uncovers how your energy levels are impacting your ability to find solutions to your financial problems, to attract wealth generating opportunities for yourself, and to overcome any obstacles that are currently in your way.  The Assessment will also reveal to you your personal E-factor, which once recognized can be utilized to help you propel you towards reaching your financial goals. 



This program is available to you for one-single-investment of  $492.50 (CAD) payable upon your 1st session,

with the balance payable in 5-equal payments of $98.50(CAD), payable upon booking each session. 



This Program Is Guaranteed To Change & Improve Your Finances.